From an early age, Ginger Bradford kept her hands busy creating something. Living in a rural area outside of Chattanooga with few neighbors, she learned to keep herself active with crafts.
For starters, she recalls an older neighborhood woman teaching her the art of knitting when she was about 8 years old. From there her interest in textiles blossomed; and in junior high school she enrolled in home economics and art, excelling in both.
Then life took her down a different path. After graduating from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis, she pursued a career as a registered dental hygienist. Between that and becoming a wife and mother, she chose to place her artsy side on hold. In 2013 her husband, Steve, retired from Northrop-Grumman and they were able to move from California to their home on Norris Lake.
After finding the Appalachian Arts Craft Center, she retired from a 41-year career as a clinical dental hygienist, put down her dental scalers, and dusted off her interest in art. Her husband now works at UT and Ginger “works” at being a better artist.