LKS headshotPhotography

I spent my career in journalism, editing and publishing weekly newspapers and retiring after 33 years as publisher- editor of the LaFollette Press. I also taught journalism courses for more than 15 years at UT, Knoxville, and earned an MS in Communications there.

BluebirdBut through it all, after failing at piano at the age of 13, my avocation has been photography. My teacher told my parents they should do something else with the money they were paying for my piano lessons. I suggested a camera, and they bought me a twin lens reflex Graflex 22. It used rolls of 120 film. Later, my dad built a darkroom for me in a corner of the garage. When I went to high school, I carried that camera almost every day, snapping shot after shot for the school annual. It was my interest in photography that got me into journalism, and the two have been hand in glove ever since.

Elk That’s why I am so pleased to offer these note cards and fine art prints, for they allow me to share some of my favorite photos with you. Many were taken in our flower gardens, a labor of love for 45 years. Others reflect our travels and the natural beauty we’ve enjoyed around the world. I particularly like taking nature and IMG_3073wildflower photos.


I print, inspect and sign every card and print. Prints are available in various sizes, with or without mats.