I began playing in mud at Oak Ridge High School and was inspired by Shirley Dumont who studied under Sandra Blaine, then teaching at UT. I took classes while in college. After completing college, I began my career in the medical field. About 14-16 years ago, I started taking classes with Bill Capshaw at the Oak Ridge Art Center.
Initially, I produced non-functional ware using Raku which is a low firing glazing technique. Later, I turned to functional ware and studied under Mark Turpin and Jackie Mirzadeh. Functional pieces are high fired and safe to use with food and drink.
I became a member of Foothills Craft Guild in 1998 and have had my pieces in a few fall shows. I am a member of Terre Madre and have participated in a few of their shows.
Clay has held my attention longer than other media. I feel there is so much more to learn about clay, glazes and firing techniques to last many lifetimes!