You can donate money by check, cash or money order or use our GoFundMe account on the Home Page.


If you aren’t “rollin’ in the dough” you too can get on board with the SOS–“Save Our Shop” Roof Fundraising Campaign.

Donate one specially selected, handmade item to our online eBay auction. You can benefit the roof fund and get some online exposure for your creations–win, win! We’re targeting our auction to capture the attention of people shopping for Mother’s Day.

How to Donate: Bring your item beginning Monday, April 3rd thru Monday, April 17th

Carefully wrap and box your donation. Keep in mind this is how your item will ship to the buyer so pack carefully! There is recycled packing paper at the desk if you need some.

Fill out the AACC Donation Form Completely.
Forms are available at the desk, attached along with the newsletter (if you receive by email), and as an attachment in an email you should receive soon about AACC SOS Artist Donations or to download HERE.

eBay Auctions require a lot of information with details about your item and artist information. Also, an accurate retail price is crucial to us for assigning a starting bid/buy it now price. We want to get a fair price for your creations!
Place packed and boxed item with the Donation form attached in the marked bins in the office storage area at AACC.

Questions? Please Contact Mary Lee Keeler at or 865-219-0274 (home).

We all benefit from having the Craft Center to showcase and sell our work. Please consider giving back in this simple, but much needed, way.

Thanks in advance for your support!