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It isn’t necessary to be member of the Craft Center to shop here, enjoy the gallery and demonstrations, and take classes. However, joining the Appalachian Arts Craft Center provides many benefits and joining the Appalachian Arts Craft Center makes you a patron of the arts, as our mission is to support Appalachian artists through education and sales.

Benefits of membership also include:
Monthly newsletter
Discounts on class fees
Access to well-equipped pottery, weaving, and quilting studios
Notices of special programs and classes
Opportunities for volunteer service
Memberships at the Patron, Sponsor, Benefactor, and Lifetime levels will be acknowledged in our Monthly newsletter

Types of Membership (all memberships except lifetime are for 12 months):

Low Income (individual — eligible for class scholarships)   $10
Member (individual)   $40
Member (family — two persons same household)  $60
Friend (individual/family) $75
Patron (individual/family)     $150
Sponsor (individual/family — all benefits plus 10% discount on shop purchases)  $250
Benefactor (individual/family — all benefits plus 15% discount on shop purchases)  $350
Lifetime membership (individual)    $500

To become a member, print the Membership Application Form. Mail form and check to:
AACC Membership
P.O. Box 608
Norris, TN 37828

(to become a SELLING member, visit here)

Make checks to Appalachian Arts Craft Center or pay by PayPal below.

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