Betty Klindt

I have played with some type of art project most of my life, but I seemed to have
little time for art projects because of raising kids, teaching school, and dealing
with a serious illness in the family. With many responsibilities behind me, I started taking watercolor classes about 6 years ago, and I fell in love with how water
works with watercolor paint. I also learned that any painting can be saved
by adding a little more water. I am still taking classes and probably will always
be a student because there are so many techniques to master. I have tried other
mediums, but I love watercolor the best. My favorite subjects to paint are birds,
flowers, and nature scenes because nature is so bright and bold. Nature is never
boring. I could paint a hundred sunflowers and each would be different.
I am trying to learn to paint loose and watery which I am discovering is a
lot harder to paint than an object with sharp crisp lines. As I gain a little mastery
of techniques new to me, they will show up at the Art Center. Thank you for the
opportunity to show my work.

(See also Ray Snyder & Betty Klindt–gourd art)