Bill Blodgett

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I was born and raised near New Haven, Indiana. Enlisted in the Air Force upon graduation from high school in 1963 and stayed in the USAF until 1975. I have since worked, until retirement, at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in instrumentation and electronics.

Always enjoyed art and drew in pen & ink and pencil until about 1978. I then shifted my interest to water colors and a little acrylic painting. And, in the mid 1980’s did a lot of T-shirt art and slowly shifted the painting focus to colored inks (very similar to water colors) and doing silhouettes on colorful backgrounds.

In 2004 I was introduced to stained glass art by my brother-in-law who was dabbling with it in his garage in Indiana. It quickly has become my sole focus for art and I dearly love it. Hope you enjoy looking at these pieces and please note I do take commission work on request. I do sell from my home and generally have several at home that can be viewed. My work is also at Appalachian Arts Craft Center, in Norris; and at Daisy’s Floral & General Store, in Oak Ridge.