Carolyn Hahs Fogelman

Design and manufacture is in my DNA.  I come from a family of inventors and engineers, and it was natural for me to spend 36 years working as a mechanical engineer in Oak Ridge.  When my daughter, Phoebe, went off to college, I began developing a passion for art.  It is an easy transition from the design and manufacture of hardware to the design and manufacture of jewelry.  My husband, Bruce, who is a writer and musician, enthusiastically encouraged me in my new pursuit.

I make Dorset Buttons because I love color, and I can make them any time and anywhere, even walking around.  Most recently I have started making glass and metal yard art, such as wind chimes and garden markers.  Yard art allows the freedom of expression in color and whimsy that is impractical in jewelry making. I am grateful to have the Appalachian Art Crafts Center to work with other artists to provide our friends and neighbors with the opportunity to discover the incredible artistic talent we have right here in East Tennessee.