Chuck Schwaner

1084896_558759950848553_213497825_o 12088489_978161782241699_6310883157610246791_nAs a child I liked to create things from modeling clay, drawing, model building and woodworking. Then came sports soon followed by girls so artistic interests were put aside.College, marriage a career and children left little time for art which was sporadic for years.
After my children were grown and married, boats and horses sold, I admired a painting at a show and said I can do that. My first attempt to do something similar was awful. I began going to museums, art shows, fairs, etc. to study styles but mostly to figure out how other artists did it. I also talked to other artists and studied art how to books. That led to better understanding of how to channel imagination, layout work, use color, shading, create depth and overall composition. Trial and error led to a style which can best be described as realistic. The best compliment ever is “that looks like a photograph”.
The subjects for most paintings come from nature, everyday things we use and experience and imagination. Now retired, for the fourth and last time, art is a passion. I built a free standing studio for art projects and adjacent workshop for wood working projects. I am continuing to learn how to improve painting and drawing techniques while developing pottery and sculpture skills.