Janet Townsend

Janet Townsend’s connections to both Appalachia and the Appalachian Arts Craft Center run deep. Janet is a descendant of one of the original European settlers in southern Alabama and the child of a Tennessee Valley Authority Engineer. As a child, Janet visited the AACC with her parents. She has fond memories of the arts and crafts she saw and the people she met. As an Appalachian native, Janet loves the flora and fauna of our region and enjoys spending time pursuing the many outdoor activities in our area. 

A Master Gardener, Janet became an active volunteer at AACC in 2018 when she asked, and was granted permission, to work on the landscape and plantings at the center. At the same time, she began looking for other gardeners to “adopt” areas on the property. As Master Gardeners are required to do a certain amount of volunteer gardening each year to maintain their certification, she continues to explore the possibility of other Master Gardeners adopting some of the center’s grounds to fulfill this requirement. Janet has a vision of the AACC grounds as a wildflower meadow with paths and garden art throughout.

Janet reached a new level of involvement at AACC in February, when she became a juried artist in the 2D art category. Janet’s love of the natural world and plants, in particular, is evident in her art. Working primarily in watercolor and colored pencil, she creates vivid botanical art. Her original artwork is available in frameable pieces and note cards.

Janet has been drawing from her earliest memories and has, over time, taken an art class here or there. In addition to drawing, she enjoys photography, embroidery and hiking.