Kath Fearing

No doubt, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of Appalachian Arts and Crafts (AACC) is storytelling. The Appalachian Arts and Crafts Center is fortunate to count a master storyteller among our juried artists. Through her works, Kath Ferring continues the tradition of this craft for the benefit of our patrons, class students and gift shop customers.

Prior to her move to Norris, TN upon retirement,  Kath grew up and resided in Massachusetts. From an early age, she says, she was fascinated by good stories and good writers. She credits her plunge into story writing to an “amazing 7th grade English teacher who inspired her to be a better writer.” In fact, her writing career began with short stories she wrote as a school girl. In college, she took a Children’s Literature course, which set her on the path to a Doctorate Degree in Education (E.D.D). Outside of academics, she became a book reviewer for a western Massachusetts newspaper. 

Kath writes story books for young people and poetry for adults.  In addition to creating her own work, Kath loves to teach the craft to others.  She has been teaching writing classes off and on for the past decade at schools, colleges and AACC. She enjoys teaching both memoir writing and story writing.

The Appalachian Arts Craft Center is pleased to offer Kath’s work for purchase. Stop by the center or visit our E- Store at appalachianarts.net to select a one of Kath’s books for yourself or as a unique gift for a friend or family member.