Nancy Shedden

I owe my interest in beautiful wool yarns and needle-felting to my two beautiful farm girls Abby and Magen who fell in love with the Knox County 4-H Sheep Project.  Who would ever have thought Knoxville and the surrounding area had so many shepherds.  We joined the sheep project in February 1999.  From that time, with one little lamb, my youngest daughter found her passion in life.
As time went on and our flock increased yearly, I knew somethNancy Sheddening had to be done with the wool.  I started out with needle-felting which was fun and always drew a crowd at the sheep shows and fairs.  In 2007 I joined the Tennessee Valley Hand Spinners and found my real passion – creating beautiful yarns.
Most of the fibers I use come from fiber fairs held throughout the year; some come from my own Cotswold ewe.  It is fun to pick beautiful, blended fibers and see what spinning will produce.  I use various fibers such as wools, alpaca, llama, silk, angora (rabbit), mohair (Angora goat), seacell (seaweed), and then the fun stuff like Angelina, firestar, and glitz or beads which add some pizazz. I am a juried member of the Appalachian Arts Craft Center and the Foothills Craft Guild.  I am proud of my craft and hope you enjoy knitting or crocheting with my yarns.