Nancy Sickau

Growing up in a winter wonderland near Buffalo NY in a family with 12 children and black & white television, I found that any form of artistic creativity captured me at an early age.

Our parents were of German-Polish descent and firmly believed that we can “make anything.” Afterall,  “that’s what God gave us a brain for.”  From that flowed our individual talents, which developed into skills or lifelong trades.  We were educated by Nuns who further promoted discipline and wise use of one’s abilities.

I produce a variety of things, but basketmaking surfaced in 2021 following classes at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center where I was thrilled by the outcome of making a useful product in half a day.  It paved the way to becoming a “Juried Artist” for AACC where I enjoy interacting with other craftspeople.

My legacy derives from my mother who was famously popular for her German style cooking; our 100-acre vegetable farm in Western NY; my father who ran the local “Butcher Shop;” and growing up with 7 biological siblings and five handicapped “orphans,” each of whom brought special meaning to our lives.  During slow winter months, we worked together building a house where my job was to sand, stain and paint.  I love driving down Keller Hill praising the memories of each house.

I retired from 50 wonderful years in healthcare and now enjoy the daily pleasure of cooking, gardening, and sharing experiences with my seven grandchildren. 

I hope you enjoy your piece. It is made with love.

Nancy Sickau-Evans-Wierzba (S.E.W.)