Pat Clapsaddle

Pat ClapsaddleThe majority of my ceramic work is thrown and assembled terra cotta clay. The surface work is hand painted majolica on black and red grounds with sgraffito contour lines. All my pieces are low fire. In addition, many of my ceramic works are done by imprinting the clay. I use white talc clay imprinted with found objects and my own hand cut printing blocks. Some of the textures on the pottery are a play on words. Others are random patterns that are rhythmically repeated throughout the surface of the work. These surfaces are enhanced with underglazes. The surface is wiped, layered and repeated until the finished look is achieved. Then a final coat of mat or gloss glaze is applied so the pieces are food safe and fully functional. My work has been displayed in local galleries and in numerous exhibitions and craft shows. I taught art for 32 years in Massachusetts and Ohio, and was honored with the Outstanding Art Teacher award for the northeast region of the Ohio Art Education Association.