Ray planted gourds in the garden in 2017. We hoped they would grow, and they grew all over the yard. We had to find a way to use them. We searched for every gourd book, DVD and tool that we could find. We discovered that paints and finishes that are made especially for gourds, and of course, we ordered all of them. It did not take long to find out that gourd projects are a lot of work!

Betty took charge and decided it would be a fair division of labor for her to direct the work. Ray was given the easy job of scouring the outside and scraping out the stinky goo from the inside of gourds. His work required him to wear a mask to keep the mold out of his lungs. He spent long hours bent over gourds cutting and drilling intricate patterns. I got the very dirty job of designing, painting, and finishing. (I hope that he doesn’t catch on to who does the most work).

We have enjoyed making seasonal patterns such as Santas, Snowmen, Ghouls and Fall Leaves. We especially like making cut out patterns for lighted gourds.
When the gourds are lighted, a pattern will show on the front and on the wall behind them. For spring we will be working on birds, butterflies, and flowers. We are also working to design lamps that will throw light in every direction. The gourds have been a lot of fun.

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