Rose Templin


I grew up in northern Indiana in an Amish home until my early teens. My grandmother and aunts had a quilt set up in their living room most of the time. Fabric and threads always appealed to me as I was growing up, and as a result I learned to sew and knit at a young age.
My husband and I moved to the Norris area in the early 1980’s. I completed my accounting degree at the University of Tennessee after our three children were born and worked in healthcare accounting for 15 years. During that time I always had several needlework projects in process as my source of relaxation.
In 2002 my husband and I retired for 10 years, spending our time traveling in our motorhome in both the United States and Mexico.  We own a small beach front bungalow in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico where we spent most of the winter months until 2010.  This period provided considerable time for me to create articles with fiber and yarn.   I completed several quilts as well as many knitted projects.   
In 2011 I finally took a pottery class at AACC – a creative venture I had been contemplating for many years.  I quickly became addicted to the craft and have recently purchased my own wheel and kiln so that I could work on this craft from my home.  My primary goal with all my creations is to produce functional pieces that can be used in everyday life.