Victoria Nicely

Crochet, & Knitting, Soy Candles, Goat’s Milk Soap & Lotion

My mother taught me my very first crochet chain stitch when I was around four. She saw how fast I picked up making a chain so she talked to my cousin and hired her to teach me the basic stitches of crochet. I have crocheted many things and enjoy making up my own patterns and taking other patterns and twisting them into other things. I started knitting by making knitted dishcloths, then knitted hats and scarves and have now even done projects with knitting and crochet intermingled.

In 2001, my sister and I started making soy candles. My sister did research and found that soy candles are awesome and healthier than a just paraffin candle. Soy candles use cotton wicks and they burn clean so no black or soot. Melted soy candles can also be used as a lotion, or put in bath water plus essential oils and fragrances can be added.

Growing up on a farm, goats have always been a presence in my life. When my son was about seven my mother decided to teach him how to milk his pet goat and he loved it. She liked it because my son sang to her as he milked and so goat milk started building up. We started making our own cheese but could not sell it, so the family started making soap. I made it the old way for a long time, but then attended a diary goat meeting through the University of Tennessee and learned a way where you can use the soap as soon as you complete the process. Later I learned about essential oils and fragrances and how to use it in my soaps. I now also make goat milk lotion with essential oils but can add fragrances upon request.