Willa Reister

When we moved to Tennessee 40 years ago I took a pottery class at the Art Center in Oak Ridge taught by Oddy Curtis and Jeanne Cole. After a few classes, they took me aside and told me that they thought I would like the Community Craft Center. They were so right.

All these years later the Craft Center is the AACC and I like it even better. I juried in first with ironing board covers and stenciled vegetable bags. My next two attempts failed. The Standard Committee decided that my fabulous jewelry made with rusted metal might injure someone and then that my pots did not have enough glaze on them. Don’t give up if you are rejected. I finally made it with the pots. To this day

I get a rush of pleasure when someone buys one.

Over the years I have spent many happy hours in the pottery studio. I have also served on committees and worked on projects for the AACC. I recommend it. The company is good and the problems are interesting. Right now I am part of the PR committee, trying to figure out how to get customers into the shop.