Officers & Staff

2019 Board of Directors

Chuck Schwaner–President and Shop Liaison

Susan Sweetser–Vice President and Personnel Liaison

Ray Snyder–Treasurer and Finance Liaison

Nancy Shedden–Secretary and Membership Liaison

Mary Lee Keeler–Standards Liaison

Rose Templin–At large

Judy Bocknek–Nominating Liaison

Bill Blodgett–PR Liaison

Pat Hurley–Pottery Liaison, Education Liaison

Nancy Blodgett–Building & Grounds Liaison

Laurie Pearl–Weaving Liaison

Debra Belvin–Shop Liaison

Advisory Council

Diane Bailey, Dudley Bostic, Ron Emery, Allen Hendry, Kathy Slocum

Center Staff

Ashley Pegram–Executive Director

Nancy Sickau–Office Assistant & Bookkeeper