Why do we cook food? To eat, of course. Why do we build homes? To provide shelter for ourselves and others. So, why do we create art? Mostly for the joy of the experience. Beyond that, creating our own handmade arts and crafts can remind us of the unplugged, simplicity of the beauty all around us. Sometimes, you just have to slow down, and that is not a bad thing. 

The benefits of creating art aren’t dependent on your talent, skills, or even your income. At the Appalachian Arts Craft Center we invite any and every one in our area to compete with no one but themselves; to pull their raw creative talents to the surface in whatever art or craft they may choose from our class offerings. 

We strive to provide easy to follow, enjoyable and affordable art classes that will bring out and enhance your inner artist and connect you to a vibrant, diverse community of fellow art lovers in Appalachia. The relationship between our artists and our community provide an outmatched experience for each person involved. 

Self-fulfillment and happiness is found when you unplug and engage in your natural abilities. When you can reflect on your work and come up with new ways to create, you’ve done yourself a service. A great deal of your happiness can be influenced by your environment. What better way of enriching your experience than filling it with your own hard work and creation? 

Whether your interest is in handmade pottery or textile weaving or nature photography or painting or any one of the many class offerings at AACC, we want you to find your happy place here at the Center, and take it home with you every time.

You can find our art class offerings online here.

– Haley Elliot