Supporting arts and crafts in Appalachia through education, sales, and community involvement.

February/From President Chuck Schwaner

In case you have not heard, the AACC has a new Executive Director: Ashley Pegram. Ashley officially took the reins 1/21/19. Ashley discovered AACC several years ago and has been an active member ever since, so many of you already know her. Not only does Ashley have excellent management skills and experience in the world of arts and crafts, she is also a very talented artist. If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet Ashley please stop by and introduce yourself.

December has always been an excellent month for sales of juried member-made art and craft products offered in our retail shop and this past December was no exception. A pleasant surprise was attendance in the art and craft classes offered by AACC. There were people of all age groups who came from near and far to learn new skills or to take advanced classes in a variety of art and craft subjects. AACC’s internet presence played a significant part in this increased attendance as we had students from Nashville and other parts of Tennessee who learned about AACC from Facebook or our website. Viewership of the Facebook site has steadily increased every month for the past year. This, thanks to Bill Blodgett and the PR committee members.

AACC’s web site has come a long way in the past few months and the e-sales option is progressing so if you have not viewed the site recently, please take the time to look at it and provide feedback to Ashley, Denise May or the PR committee. For juried members that would like to have an on line sales opportunity please follow the outline provided by Bill Blodgett.

Our member committees play a vital role in the day to day operation and success of AACC. Several are in need of additional members so if you have an interest or experience in a particular area, please join a committee. To find out more contact any board member or Ashley

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