Join a Committee!

Many helping hands help keep the Center operating smoothly. One of the best ways to learn about the Center, promote the arts in our community, and make new friends is to join a committee. If you would like to join one of the Center’s committees, please contact Judy Bocknek at

It is simple to become a committee member and you can join at any time. Below is a list of the current committee members who help keep the Center running smoothly:

Building and Grounds: Kathy Decker, Don Tevault, Nancy Blodgett

Education: Sheri Burns, Lee Monroe, York Havercamp, Margie Milburn, Irene Weiler, Janet McCracken

Endowment: Willa Reister, Susan Miller, Jane Flanagan, Rose Templin, Susan Sweetser

Finance: Rose Templin, Susan Sweetser. Willa Reister, Jane Flanagan Fundraising: Susan Sweetser, Victoria Nicely

Membership: Judy Bocknek, Marie Clingan, Nancy Shedden, Willa Reister, Susan Sweetser

Nominating: Judy Bocknek, Sharon Hubbard Personnel: Liz McGeachy, Rose Templin, Susan Sweetser

Public Relations: Willa Reister, Denise May, Carol Ostrom, Bill Blodgett, Doug Stucky

Shop: Tammi Ghezawi, Marie Clingan, Kathy Seely, Carol Higgs, Chuck Schwaner

Standards: Sandra McEntire, Gloria Felter, Mary Lee Keeler, Tim Snow, Pat Bing

We Care: Flo Buffington

Together we can make the Center grow and improve. If you have a skill or service that is not on the following general description of the committees, please let Judy Bocknek know how you would like to help.

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